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Checklist -


  • A big dog in a small body

  • Ideal family pet

  • Never dull

  • Intelligent

  • Amenable to training

  • Tough and hardy

  • Unique and unusual colouring

  • Robust

  • Excellent watchdog

  • Splendid character

  • Charming temperament

  • Handy size, sturdy and stylish

  • Non-shedding coat

  • Always a faithful companion

  • Utterly dependable

  • Zestful and full of fun

  • Easy mixer

  • Radiates happiness





There are FOUR 4 recognised colours according to the Australian Breed Standard - BLACK - WHITE - SALT/PEPPER and BLACK/SILVER. 




We have an ideal height requirement -  

Dogs 36 cms (14 ins)

Bitches 33 cms (13 ins)

Too small, toyish appearing dogs are not typical and undesirable




Breeding "RARE" colors or the so-called "toys, micros", etc. are against the true essence of what *is* a Miniature Schnauzer.   These dogs are not true Mini Schnauzers, they do not conform to the Breed Standard something that all ethical Registered Breeds strive to attain all over the world.   The Breed Standard has been adjusted over the years from the early development of the breed in Germany to what is accepted today.  Yes there are slight variances from what is accepted in America, Europe and England, but TOY SIZE, PARTI COLOURS etc are NOT TRUE MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS!!



Temperament & Training

Some breeds have an air of intelligence – or look intelligent – but the Miniature Schnauzer doesn’t just look intelligent; he is intelligent! Owners will recognise the breed’s qualities of being incredibly alert, lively and mischievous. Miniature Schnauzers thrive on attention and are quick to learn vocal and hand commands. They fit in well with family routines and habits, enjoying being part of the family pack. However, they are equally happy to be a one-person dog and are ideal for all ages, including active people or those of retirement age. They also make excellent guard dogs as they are quick to bark at strangers – or intruders – but do not become aggressive. Again, this makes them ideal as family pets. Like all dogs they need to be socialised with children and other pets from an early age, but they are quick to learn, accepting commands readily. Miniature Schnauzers do very well in obedience and agility, and several have gained Obedience and Agility Titles.



These dogs are very energetic and can sometimes become bored if not given the attention they crave. Regular exercise and a proper diet are essential to keep your Miniature Schnauzer from becoming bored and possibly destructive. The breed is very adaptable and will be happy in most home environments, including apartments, but regular exercise is essential.   Good long walks – or runs – and plenty of games keep them engaged and fit, which is what they enjoy. And their energetic natures are good for their owners getting exercise, too!


Health & wellbeing

Miniature Schnauzers are very robust, active and sturdy dogs with very few health problems. As far as hereditary breed defects go, cataracts (both hereditary and congenital hereditary forms) and generalised progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) can occur – albeit rarely – in the Miniature Schnauzer. Every effort is being made by breeders to eradicate such problems from the breed.   Miniature Schnauzers remain healthy and active all of their lives, although naturally they begin to slow down a bit as they reach old age. As to longevity, they can live for up to 15 years and are one of the longer-lived dog breeds, which again makes them ideal as family pets.





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